Lavacore is a unique product that has received many positive reviews in the short time it has been available. Lavacore’s thermal protection technology has given divers the warmth they need to stay comfortable and enjoy diving. Recently Lavacore received an inspiring letter of appreciation from another satisfied customer:

“Last November I was diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer due to an undetected colon cancer that spread to my liver and was on its way to my lungs. Here I am after extensive chemo still alive, but deal with some issues from time to time. I want to dive so badly, so Christmas Eve my youngest son and I went to Ginnie Springs to get wet. Due to my port access I am limited to 30 feet but even that is something I wanted to do a few more times till Mr. C has his way with me. As you can imagine I was concerned with ruining the day for my son by suffering from the cold so I had mad my mind up to get a hood when we arrived at Ginnie Springs. The guy at the dive shop there suggested Lavacore. The rest of me got cold BUT not my head. I was stunned. The Chemo does a number on the body and to be honest I will purchase the suit and I may wear it every day! I am still amazed. I work every day I am not in the hospital for therapy and have an employer that understands the exhaustion but I will fight every day and now, THANKS to Lavacore I know I can dive again and enjoy the dives too. Thank you Lavacore for giving me the water again!”