Lavacore is proud to be sponsoring a team of men who have qualified to compete in the World’s Toughest Mudder 2011 Event. This non-stop 24-Hour Tough Mudder event is designed to find the TOUGHEST human being on the planet, and Lavacore will be utilized for its unique properties to give this team the warmth, flexibility and cohesion to make it through this grueling competition.

World’s Toughest Mudder is the culminating event of the 2011 Tough Mudder Event Series, and will be a two-day challenge with one goal: to find the toughest man or woman on the planet. When the mud settles on December 18, one person will have bested over 150,000 Mudders for the right to call him or herself the World’s Toughest Mudder!

The event will be held on December 17-18 at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ.

Team History

This extreme racing/expedition team met in ROTC at Indiana University during the late 90’s.  Upon graduating college in 2001/2002, they were assigned to their respective duty stations and went off to fight the war in various theaters.  In early 2011, the team discovered that they all lived in the D.C. area, and reunited.  This year alone, the team has competed and consistently placed within the top 10% in races such as the Warrior Dash, Metro-Dash, and the Spartan Race. During a recent Tough Mudder event held on a mountainous ski resort in Wintergreen Virginia the team once again placed in the top 5th percentile of all participants in the 10+ mile race earning the coveted invitation to the World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM) scheduled this cold December in New Jersey.

Name: Lawrence Kim     

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Lawrence Kim is a veteran of two tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom having served as an officer with the 82nd Airborne Division.  Later, Lawrence transitioned careers in 2005 into general contracting, property management, and real estate development.  He is currently pursuing two Masters Degrees in Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Development at Georgetown University and is managing two “start-up” companies.  During his spare time, Lawrence is an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Submission Wrestling.

Name: Bronson Rose     

Hometown: LaPorte, IN

Bronson Rose is a veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, having fought as a rifle platoon leader in the US Army during both.  He currently serves as the Lead Chief of Staff for the Department of Defense Segment at AT&T.  Bronson is married with two small children and will be dedicating this win at the WTM to them.  During his spare time, Bronson is an outdoor enthusiast/survivalist and is skilled in “survival expeditions.”

Name: Jonathan Grabill

Hometown: Elkhart, IN

Jonathan Grabill is a Captain serving in the United States Army currently serving at the Pentagon in Washington, DC.  He has served for 10 years in the Army and is a veteran of two tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Jonathan has enjoyed many forms of competition over the course of his lifetime which includes multiple styles of motorsports and athletic style endurance races, as well as a wide variety of team sports.  He is highly motivated to test his abilities and face new challenges in the upcoming inaugural World’s Toughest Mudder competition.  

 "[We] have already ran a practice with our new gear.  It is AWESOME! Right now it is 37 degrees in DC, and it was perfect on our 10 mile run this evening along the chilly Potomac River. We then submerged ourselves in ice cold water, and was miffed at how warm it kept us. It is extremely flexible, breathable, and perfect in insulating heat. We have a few more practices left, and truly appreciate you expediting the gear, thus enabling us to train with it a few times before game day. We will continue to keep you posted, and I will maintain a personal journal of performance/events." -Lawrence Kim